Know that you create the walkways for yourself, every day!

Darling listen – today, I want you to choose to be well in every way, choose to be happy no matter what & I also want you to choose peace over conflicts & drama.

I want you to choose open-mindedness, acceptance, understanding & tolerance over thinking only to protect your point of view, your position & your ego’s limited perceptions. I want you to choose inclusion & togetherness over falling-outs.

Choose Success today, whatever it means to you.

Let me put it this way – choose to participate in your life more instead of merely existing. Choose to live more & feel more alive.

Remind yourself that everything that you want or praying for – growth, strength, magnificence, affluence, influence, experience or enlightenment, all will come only by showing up, playing, performing, getting into the act, by taking active part & by becoming better everyday.

Keep in mind that you have power over your thoughts, feelings, choices & decisions. Don’t let your delusions, moments of desperation or annoyance, situation & circumstances dictate your long term decisions & choices.

While you must not allow anyone or anything steal your joy & rob you of your peace, I am praying God to fill your life with more love, light, peace & happiness. Let you get all the success & everything you wished for, very soon.

Stay Blessed 💐

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