Let your manifestations speed up & let you gain momentum.

Always remember – initially you have to put ten units of effort to produce one unit of results & then your momentum will produce ten units of results with each unit of effort.

Darling listen – That’s the principle of a flywheel & also of success.

Pay attention to clues, connections & opportunities that are available. Make some difficult choice (pick one of the ideas/ things) courageously & start taking inspired actions consistently. That’s how everyone created the momentum. Things will evolve for you too, I guarantee!

Creating momentum in your life also means increasing the things that move you forward & decreasing those that hold you back.

You will always need to learn, create, move, love, laugh daily & keep the positive momentum going on, if you really want to go from being good to great.

Believe me – that’s the only one way & you can do it!

I pray God to continue blessing & protecting you. Let your future unfold & change in ways that you can’t imagine today.

Good luck & Tons of good wishes 💐

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