Don’t Give Up!

There are moments when you realize that you alone can not resolve an issue & heal someone through your efforts in your own way. You feel so exhausted, drained & used up from trying so hard.

You realize that your strengths, powers, knowledge, connects, sources & other means are not enough & meaningful.

Sweetheart – It is time to start following the God’s plan. Remind yourself that God is with you. Stay strong, have faith, maintain peace inside & allow God to open up a new route for you. Allow Him to move you forward toward your God-given destiny.

Darling listen – I want you not to give up. I want you to keep working on your plans to overcome your challenges, sufferings & sickness. While I want you to start taking some more tough actions, I also want you to begin trusting God & praying more for His blessings & favours!

In the mean time, I am praying God to look upon you with eyes of mercy. Let His life-giving powers flow into every cell of your body & into the depths of your soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring you to wholeness, strength & life again.

Stay Strong, Happy, Healthy! Keep Fighting, Surviving & Winning 💐

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