Let the best of you come alive!

May I ask you – why should you achieve less than what you can or less than you deserve just because of your inactions or by refusing to acknowledge what you are good at, I mean your real potential, strengths & unique talents?

I want you to join those who have found their real realities & put them to good use so that your life too can become great, joyful, lovely, fulfilling, more productive, effective & efficient. You have got to realize that you are doing yourself a great injustice & disservice by not acknowledging your real strengths, qualities, capabilities & abilities.

Darling listen – There is no Genie here who would tell you directly, what you are good at & how to use it to change direction of your life. There are clues all around, trying to tell you what you should be doing, but perhaps, you are missing them because you are not paying attention to any of these or focusing more on your weaknesses or lacks.

Let me remind you that – my idea is not to force you to find out exactly what you are good at or compel you to go down to the finest details immediately. No, in fact, I am not asking you to “find” anything. Instead, I am asking you begin experimenting with the things in your hand or in front right away & start discovering your strengths, real potential & talents by acting on your inclinations. That’s it.

Believe you me, the moment you actually start doing something, everything about the real you will emerge automatically.

When you find something you’re good at, practice & get better at it. That’s the straightest road to success & achieving anything you want.

All I am saying is – let the best of you come alive today & give the world something to talk about! Atleast take some beautiful & inviting selfies & update your feeds 😂😂😂

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐

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