You have unlimited power to accelerate your life.

While you are unclear about your things, I want you to walk through the corridors with a smile rather than a scowl. That’s so easy & anyone can do it.

Darling listen – you may be in the process of becoming someone or may be feeling like you are not in control of your reality or life, but what I am reminding you is that you are always in control of your own energy, emotions, feelings, expressions & thoughts. Believe me – these affects everything around you.

Do yourself & me a favor – start doing things that makes your soul happy. Start focusing on joy. Start vibrating at a higher frequency. Start feeling good. Start smiling & being in joy immediately. Become conscious of every thought, everything that you do or don’t do & every word coming out of your mouth. That’s your task for today (everyday). I want you to take grandest advantage of today (everyday).

I repeat – I want you to start feeling great no matter what, so that you can attract more of it. You may not believe me right now, but every time you focus on the positive, you bring more healing, peace, success, joy & light into your life.

Always remember – The Universe always matches your emission, energy, feelings, thoughts, vibrations & your deeds. Your state of being is the most important factor in determining your reality. So Be Healthy, Positive & Joyful!

I pray God to help you find & attract some beautiful experiences today. Blessings πŸ’

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