Keep your heart as light as a feather to receive blessings in a major way!

When you keep your heart as light as a feather then only you can become greater in all ways & can woo Universe to line up things with your best interests.

Let you ensure that your presence, words, deeds & reactions are never heavy, constricting & soul-consuming. Let you continuously inspire, encourage & empower others to be more comfortable, confident & be more of themselves.

Let you stop being a closed-minded, negative & insensitive person. Let you also stop projecting yourself bigger than all others, blaming, comparing, competing unnecessarily & judging everyone in your world.

Darling listen – you can move upwards & forward into your new desired state only when you keep your mind open & heart light.

Believe me – when you become light-hearted, positive, hopeful & joyful, you will begin to notice a sudden shift in your vibes, energy, capabilities, health, abundance, happiness, love, peace & everything else.

It’s time for you to start attracting more people, circumstances & events that will make you feel more good & more successful. It is time for you to start receiving blessings in a major way.

Good luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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