Give your life a new life today.

This day is new. The memory of what was before this day is the past. Therefore thinking about yesterday is just squandering & scattering your life force, time, attention, energy & power to make a change in today.

I wish to remind you that you are free from the past. Renew yourself & claim a new reality for yourself & your world. Tell yourself that you are flourishing, blooming & coming out on top. Tell yourself that you are radiating, glowing & becoming more energized daily. Tell yourself that you have all the abilities, talents, potential & powers. In fact you are the power. Your spirit is more resilient than you can imagine. Your inner light is becoming brighter. Tell yourself that you are starting to shine & become greater with each passing day.

Darling listen – Give your life a new life today.

Darling listen – Focus on what you want (your goals), act upon it & never stop till you achieve it. That’s the perfect advice I can give you today.

Stay Alert, Intuitive, Open & Enthusiastic!

Blessings 💐

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