Today is an audition for tomorrow. Show up & give it everything you have!

Every today is an audition for tomorrow. If you begin to give everything you have to each day, each moment, the results & outcomes will eventually come.

Darling listen – things do not work only when you do not take timely action on your thoughts that the Universe provides you.

In my opinion – the greatest thing you can begin to do from today is just begin to show up & start giving everything you have.

Say you want to run a marathon, but have no training & have no prior experience. The first step anyone will tell you is to lace up your shoes & hit the nearest footpath. Even if you only make it 1 KM on your first run, you will be about 4.76% closer to your half marathon goal. Your persistence, routine & daily attempts will not only improve you but will help you achieve your final goals in no time.

Darling listen – Nothing is as bad or hard as it seems. However, if you seriously want to ramp up the good things in life quickly, then start showing up & giving everything (your attention, time, energy, love & yourself) Everyday.

This is my wish for you today – something you have been praying or wanting for, may it manifest for you very soon.

Tons of blessings πŸ’πŸ’

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