Success occurs only when your activities become bigger than your excuses.

Darling listen – Either you are making progress or you are making excuses 😂.

I know giving up on excuses is scary for you, bcoz you’re stuck in this rut….. but it is the only way to achieve everything you want – success, happiness, fulfillment & health. Once you get rid of your habitual excuses, you are free to try things, grab the opportunities, laugh, act, make mistakes & find your path. Believe me – you must immediately stop seeking comfort in excuses 🙏

I agree to the fact that sometimes we fail due to unfortunate circumstances or bad luck or due to things beyond our control, but most of the times we fail bcoz we have this bad habit of making excuses, we do not act as we should, we have a habit of postponing things or bcoz we are too lazy… blah blah…😷

Always remember – Excuses cannot bring value into your life. I will not hesitate in saying that habit of making excuses is a self sabotaging practice that is actually stopping you from fulfilling your potential & from pursuing your most precious dreams & goals.

I pray that everything you work on, believe in & pray for – become your reality, very soon. Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐

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