Other’s behaviour, action & reaction has more to do with their inner conflicts than it does with you!

These days I am trying to learn that people’s behaviour, action & reaction has more to do with their conflicting thoughts, jealousy, greed & habitual meanness than it does with me. I need to stop resonating with that part of me that quickly connect itself with other’s unappealing behaviour/ expressions / words/ actions.

Obviously it is upsetting when you see people acting & behaving with less consideration for you or tastelessly or undesirably & I genuinely don’t know how anyone could not be hurt or affected by it. However difficult it is, I need to remind myself that it isn’t something that I should ever allow to drive how I feel about myself or hurt me or change me or control my life.

Darling listen – By all this, I mean we should never let our view of ourselves be determined by others who are egocentric or lashing out or behaving inappropriately due to their own anxiety, discontentment, acquisitiveness, miserliness or foolishness. Always remember that regardless of what anyone else does or says, we can always choose to take the high road – we can always choose to continue to act with uprightness, kindness & thoughtfulness.

Today’s wish & prayer is that you always take that high road, no matter what & let it always bring you inner peace & happiness even amongst the turmoil that others may try to create. Let you always live your life in a way that you know God would be proud of & nothing that anyone else may do or say can ever change that.

Have a fantastic day filled with loads of cheers, calmness, fulfilling experiences & favourable outcomes 💐

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