Improving your conversation style can work wonders & accomplish miracles for you!

Even if you are feeling defensive or trying to justify your stupid actions or irritating behaviours, do your best to speak thoughtfully with love & never yell.

Darling listen – Once you raise your voice, your words & actions become completely irrelevant. Did you get it? 🤔

Also you can not just speak your mind always 🤣 Make sure your argument isn’t about being right or superior. Perhaps there is an option or opinion that really is better than yours. Start listening others with respect & to understand without any judgement.

Listening others will not make your opinion less valid, instead it will increase your chances & may turn into new opportunities.

If you approach every conversation with open mind, as an opportunity to understand other’s point of view, learn something new & to treat someone with respect, it will not only keep everyone’s blood pressure in the normal range, but your core message/ feeling will also be heard – loud & clear.

Always remember – gentle words, kind look, good-natured smile, good diet, robust plan/ routine & being productivity in our daily lives always work wonders & accomplish miracles.

Stay Blissful, Purposeful & Gainful! Blessings 💐

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