I wish you incredible & magical progress in next year.

Now that another year is approaching fast, I want you to take a stock of all the good things & the ones that caused you disappointment. The ones that gave you biggest smiles & the ones that taught you biggest lesson & the things that you considered to keep & the ones that you consciously allowed to let go. Make an inventory list in most simplest manner & without any prejudice.

I know for sure so many of your experiences in 2021 were based on circumstances that were out of your (anyone’s) influence or could not be changed. Remember this has been a challenging time for everyone, in varying degrees. Be proud of yourself for being here today 🙏.

Darling listen – Whatever said & done in 2021, I must remind you that you possess all the ability, talent & resources to make your life & the lives of your family, friends & the strangers you meet in 2022, more joyful & rewarding. Try changing your outlook, thoughts, vocabulary, routine & your habits.

One more request, starting from today itself, begin to speak about your blessings, clarity & power over your life. Begin to smile more. Begin to radiate more positive energy. Begin to feel good. Begin to be great in each word that you speak & begin to do everything in most effective & meaningful way.

Let each moment in coming weeks & new year be aligned with your words, vision & intentions to show the magnitude & the magnificence of your rising & shining.

I wish you incredible & magical progress in next year. Tons of blessings 💐

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