Stop engaging with unnecessary conflicts, unwanted intrusive thoughts, trash-talks & incivility. Not required anymore!

Before you enter into the new year I want you to stop getting caught up in the drama that is not yours, in the rush or panic or chaos, no matter how much you are bombarded with the provoking expressions, scornful feelings & communication of fear & animosity. Let you stop getting caught up in the things that will drain you of your hope, peace & happiness.

Darling listen – I want you to make more time for your heart to breathe, enjoy every little thing in your life, savour each moment & begin to live a more purposeful, meaningful, happier & healthier life.

Let me repeat it once again – begin to have only positive thoughts in these last days of this year that may lift you higher, give you inner peace & bring grace to everyone.

Believe me, one day, the world will catch up with your thoughts, light, goodness & shine, but until then, keep smiling, doing your best, keep being awesome & wear your sparkles everyday in your dress & in your eyes.

All is well & All will be well. Blessings 💐

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