You were born to do incredible things in your life & higher state of consciousness can help you unlock the next level!

Yesterday when someone asked me one New Year resolution for healthier, happier & successful living – my spontaneous reply was, Begin Living Consciously.

Because if you are sleepwalking through your life & if most of your activities are happening without your total engagement & presence, you are bound to remain, sick, unwilling, sad, unsatisfied & unsuccessful.

Darling listen – if you are feeling bored, annoyed, forgetful, distracted, uninspired or lazy most of the time, then you are living with the lowest levels of consciousness.

I want you to raise your level of consciousness & it means waking up, getting clear about your purpose & setting clear intentions for how you wish to show up in the world & living mindfully throughout the day. I mean – shifting from autopilot mode to total awareness. I mean – taking a step forward today (everyday) & making some significant change in your life.

When you wake up in the morning tomorrow, ask yourself why you are going to get out of bed, answer that in your usual predictable & unconscious style first & then challenge that answer with a loud No. Now, come up with couple of conscious reasons & make some conscious choices rather than thinking of just fulfilling obligations or replaying in your mind what you “should” be doing. Consciously choosing your actions will make you feel more empowered & excited about the things that you are doing & going to do in the day. Do this as an exercise for every little thing you do in the beginning, it will help you!

As you grow in your consciousness.. you will find increase in your confidence & capabilities, you will be able to achieve greater personal & professional success. Believe me!

Remember that you are an all-powerful Creator in jeans & t-shirt. You were born to do incredible things in your life & higher state of consciousness can help you unlock the next level.

I pray & wish that this New Year 2022 bring you more long lasting success, happiness, love & blessings 💐

Stay Concious, Engaged & Motivated!

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