No amount of blessings can benefit you if you don’t take the First Step…

Earlier this week, when a young man asked me how to become a billionaire, instead of a direct answer, I asked him – What Have You Achieved So Far? Unexpectedly there was a Complete Silence!

Understanding that like so many others, he too is caught up in the status quo & haven’t come out of his den as of yet, I asked one more question – What Do You Do All Day? Unexpectedly there was Complete Silence again.

After much persuasion, could find his daily activities (as expected) – scrolling mobile phone, watching TV, wandering here & there, talking to some knowns as a routine to pass the day, sleeping, taking medicines & feeling sick throughout the day etc.. etc…

Any way I assured this person ( & I reproduce that for the benifit of everyone) – Don’t worry, You can have money, great physique, peace & fulfilment or whatever you want in your life but for achieving these, you have to follow the instructions from today genuinely & sincerely:-

I mean there was nothing productive, resultful or meaningful in his daily routine (except taking a bath, brushing his teeth & shitting). There was no single activity in whole day which can make the person earn a single rupee & he is dreaming of becoming a billionaire 🤣….

  • Breaking your comfort everyday (wake up as early as possible).
  • Get rid of your destructive habits & lazy routines.
  • Find some daily activity that is going to be interesting to you (I mean something that can give you something in return 😜).
  • Take action to start earning (no matter how much) with the skills, talent & resources you have. Don’t pass a single day without achieving what you want (no matter how much, even if it is just more than the negligible in the beginning)
  • Start working Hard. I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work.
  • Focus on what you start. It always proceeds success—which is not possible without a clear emphasis on what matters most.
  • Be good in everything you begin & do. I mean damn good. If you haven’t read the book from Good to Great, please grab a copy today.
  • Start socializing with the unknown people also (only the right ones 🤣).
  • enhance your skills, learn new things, push your limits & create more ideas.

I am sure much can be added to this list, but to begin with, it is good & enough. I am sure following these instructions religiously will atleast set you on the path to success.

Darling listen – You just have to take your first step. The first step will take some efforts (maybe very painful & embarrassing in your case), but, after that, everything that has to be done will be a real-life movement as guided by Universal Guidance System (God). Believe me!

I wish & hope that this year brings real success & more blessings in your life. Best wishes 💐

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