See it with your eyes closed & create it with your eyes open!

Today I want you to draw strength from this knowledge that you are never truly on your own, your angels are always with you.

But the problem is that your angels can’t directly intervene into your life, they can only send you messages of inspiration, wisdom to guide you, show you the right direction or warn you to protect from some danger.

Darling listen – they can not turn your dreams into reality if you decide not to work on them. They can’t act on your behalf. It is only you who decide how to apply their messages in your life.

See it with your eyes closed, create it with your eyes open.

These messages or signs that I am talking about are generally very quite & subtle – something as simple as a hint, nudge or gut feeling. Sudden bursts of inspiration, goosebumps, an unexplained desire to go somewhere, the impulse to meet someone, the urge to do or stop doing something are all their messages to help you to achieve what you deserve or save you from some unwarranted situation.

Don’t shut up your inner voice. It’s the voice of your Angels.

I wish & pray that you begin to understand, interpret the divine messages correctly & start applying these in your life realistically.

Stay in the energetic flow of abundance, feel more alive, find your colors becoming more brighter & notice that your world is becoming even more beautiful. Tons of Blessings 💐

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