Spare a moment & check: What is your real intention before you act or react….

It is not your action or reaction that matters too much, it is the intention behind these what matters the most.

Intentions are your specific reason why you do something. Take an example – If a man takes a sharp knife & cuts someone, it’s not the act that is good or bad – it’s the intent (Motive). Doctor using this sharp knife to save a life – good intent & the bad intent is – some killer using the sharp knife to take a life.

Intention is holding self-awareness of why you are doing the things you do, fully knowing what it is you hope to achieve by doing them.

Darling listen – I want you to check your intentions & be clear about it why you are doing something or reacting that way.

Each time when you enter in an argument or a room, please ask yourself, “What is my main intent of being here?” Your intentions may include – forwarding your set agenda, seeking something that you don’t have, to gain greater standing in your small egoful mind, proving someone wrong & small, defending yourself, proving yourself right, or putting so & so in their place etc..

Always remember – our intention is the main force, energy & a power that carry us. When our intentions are honest & pure, when we speak or act from a place of win:win, selflessness & love, the feedback & returns are unimaginable & immeasurable.

That’s why I want you to take short moment of awareness (no only during negotiations or in challenging situations but also in day to day life). I mean – A moment to ask yourself: “What are my real intentions?”

Believe me – You will be surprised by the answer, each time!

Setting your intention before you begin to do something will always help you in creating a clean, clear message to the world about who you are, what you stand for & what you want.

I wish your actions & reactions remain always aligned with your truest intentions & what you really want in life.

Tons of blessings 💐

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