Feel more alive & find pleasure in your daily experiences…

It is rightly said that to live a happier & beautiful life, you have to control your tongue, quiet your words, calm your thoughts & nerves, soften your heart & allow your soul to lead.

I will also recommend you to start clearing the clutter, the distractions & the unimportant from your calendar, mind & life in order to live a meaningful, gratifying & happier life.

Darling listen – Getting rid of all that non-essential mental baggage & cleaning all the dirt & grime off will not only make you look & smell clean but also help you in living a happier & healthier life.

One more thing – stop being demotivating, unappreciative & sarcastic about things, if you really want to live a blissful life.

I want you to start making more room for love & start doing every small thing with great love & passion. I want you to be really happy, calm & cool with what you have while working hard for what you want & deserve.

I repeat – Smile, Breathe, Calm Your Nerves & Do what you should do, to Live a Simple, Sincere & Serene Life! Practice it daily.

I wish you to feel more alive & find pleasure in your daily experiences. 

Good wishes & Blessings 💐

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