The key is in not spending time, but in using it intentionally & investing it!

While things are unfolding for you, the most powerful thing you can do right now is to use your time, energy & resources wisely.

Darling listen – you need to understand & realise that your time is precious & should only be used intentionally in doing only those things that matter & elevate your life. It should only be bestowed on those who appreciate your efforts & bring you laughter, positivity, love & joy.

Use every single minute (while you have it) to make progress, finding solutions, completing what you have started & go from nobody to becoming somebody, from roughness to softness, from hatred to love, from death to immortality, from imperfection to perfection, from ignorance to eternal wisdom, from misery to eternal bliss & from weakness to infinite strength.

I repeat – instead of squandering your time & running around in circles, please start getting more done, staying energized & doing more meaningful things you enjoy.

Stay consistent. You are very close to achieving your dreams.

Good luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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