Becoming better today than you were yesterday is the only key to a successful life.

If you wish to drastically improve your life: become better 🤔

Become better mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually everyday. Whatever being better means for you, work towards that. Start sparing some time to maximize yourself on every level. I mean start taking baby steps in right direction – to improve your health, happiness, relationships & your affluence.

Darling listen – I know that you are too busy to do anything extra & can’t spare a minute to improve yourself. But I am sure you can choose to be better in your routine behaviours, reactions & habitual choices.

Just think – how much time will it take to behave & react as a better friend, colleague, son, daughter, spouse & parent.

I want you to become better at keeping in touch, at taking care of your body, at appreciating the world around you. Be better at listening, at nodding & at being kind to some atleast if not all.

Choosing to smile & complimenting someone will not require any additional time. Instead of being offended by someone’s comment, you can choose to let it go silently. These behaviours, reactions & choices will not only help you become a better person, but they will make your life better by minimizing stress, anger & other negative emotions that so easily infest your life.

Choosing the stairs instead of an elevator will not take too much of your time but imagine the compounding effect this can have on your health.

I pray God to guide you in improving your health, mindset, attitude, routine & help you become a more effective, efficient & productive person. I wish all your prayers be answered & your plans successfully unfold in a merry & bright way.

Happy new week!

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