Improve yourself before others…

Every evil & rascality you see out there in the world is an extension of the human weakness – ego, greed, anger, arrogance, meanness & deceptive thoughts. No one is completely free from these. Each one of us is subject to these in different proportions.

Darling listen – what you dislike most, it is very much within you too 😂. You need to get rid of these within yourself just as you would like to wipe these out from others if you had a chance.

Each of us know what is good & what is bad in our own terms. I just want you to move towards what you think is good & fight the evil as you think of them, everyday. That would be enough to make your life & world a better place.

I repeat – To the extent you work on yourself & reduce evilness in you, to that extent the quality of your life improves.

I pray to God to help you & guide you to become more dutiful, meaningful, wholesome, meritorious & accomplished with each passing day.

Good luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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