Stop acting & responding in the same old way…

Today I pray God to grant you with more favor, more influence, more resources & propel you into something new that you have been praying for. Remain open to miracles, unexpected surprises & blessings! Believe me, breakthroughs are coming your way. You will soon see these!

Darling listen – all you need to do is to stop acting & responding in the same old way. I want you to start thinking & doing your things differently & in fresh manner.

Also stop beating yourself up for things that have happened to you & believe that whatever happened is what’s supposed to happen & you can’t change that even if you tried. Always remember – your point of power is in the present moment & you can really be, do or achieve anything that you give your full attention to.

Infuse your life with some more regular & repeated meaningful activities. Set your priorities right & start building some good/ healthy habits & routine from today. Focus on building good attitudes, actions & decision-making abilities.

Stop wishing & start making it happen for yourself & your world.

Good luck & Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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