When you have the choice to be happy, living in unhappy state is inexcusable!

Today I wish to ask you a question: When are you happiest? I don’t wish to put any qualifiers by telling you what “happiest” means for me or others. I want you to decide this in your own terms & for yourself.

Darling listen – I know that it is impossible for any of us to maintain a persistent state of peace or happiness. In other words, it means that at some moments we feel more happier than others. There it is – I am curious to know which are these moments in your life when you feel the absolute bliss.

While you are thinking, I also want you to give your feedback on following –

  • If you have a choice, will you choose to remain unhappy or happy?
  • When are you in your most UNHAPPY State?
  • What triggers your state of Unhappiness?
  • Do you spend most of your time in an Unhappy State or Happy State?
  • What external factors or internal factors need to be present in order for you to reach the state of ultimate happiness?
  • I would love to hear your additions to this list!

I already have my answer to these questions, but I’m interested in you answering it to yourself for yourself honestly because of obvious reasons. If you wish, you may write your answer/response in the comment section or e-mail me your feedback privately.

Tomorrow or after a few days, depending upon the flow of responses I will post some of those feedbacks / ideas about moments & things that triggers the unhappiness in most of us & that make most of us happiest.

Stay Doing what makes you more Happy, Healthy & Fortunate! Tons of Good Wishes 💐

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