When you do things responsibly, you sweep the board!

Its not about being stupid, unreasonable, weakling or how disagreeable you are, it is about being irresponsible that causes anger, annoyance & even chaos everywhere.

Darling listen – Being constantly late, not following instructions, missing deadlines or appointments, forgetting to call back, making uninformed decisions, failing to keep promises & honour commitments are all irresponsible behaviours.. The list is by no means exhaustive 😂😂

For me Responsibility or Accountability means taking care of doing what you said, promised & signed up to do, without any if’s, but’s, reasons, without blaming others & without giving excuses for not doing what you are supposed to do.

In order to grow, gain, win or succeed in life, you have to become responsible for your obligations & duties. In order to live a happier & fulfilling life, you have to begin honoring the code of living, ethics & integrity. There is no choice!

I sincerely hope that this note about responsibility provide you with much needed insight to help you grow, improve & make you more responsible towards your life, family & your world. Stay Blessed!

Tons of Good Wishes 💐🙏

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