Everybody is a champion in their corner & you have to value them.

Today I wish you to know that your arrogance & rudeness in talking makes others less interested in conversation. It is your responsibility to make your conversations more effective so that you & others can feel connected.

Darling listen – afterall the objective of any conversation is to make everyone feel connected & not disconnected.

I have had the opportunity to meet & work with several big & successful people in business & coaching industry & one of the common behaviour I found in most of these great people around the globe is the way of their talking, the way they converse with others, the way they argue with others & the way they discuss things with others.

Politeness, humbleness, respect, pureness of heart, love & appreciation is the key reflection in their talking.

Yes, it might happen that some of them have incorporated this behaviour after reaching to that highest level, some have adopted this during the course of their way & some are born with that.

However, if you know that you are not born with the gift of communication then the first & foremost thing you need to do is stop ridiculing, burning up, throwing temper tantrums – whining, crying or screaming & driving others up to the wall in your conversations, discussions & arguments. You need to bring some politeness, love, compassion, empathy & respect towards others in your conversations.

In any conversation, discussion or argument, you have to begin to believe that everybody is a champion in their corner & you have to value them. You can not ignore their perspective, whatever it may be.

You have to start listening to people, even if it is a tough task for you. Showing you have heard others connect you more in conversations.

I wish & hope that you realise that it all starts with you. Let this realisation empowers you in so many ways & make things you pray for & believe a reality, very soon.

Tons of Good Wishes & blessings 🎉

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