Can you stretch yourself a bit beyond yourself!

I wish you to know that you can do so many amazing & extraordinary things everyday for yourself & for your world.

Showing & expanding your love, showing kindness, praying, returning the favors & kindness are couple of things you can do easily.

Darling listen – It sounds so simple. But It’s not. You are not accustomed to do things without expecting anything in return & never learnt to return the kindness or favours.

Today, see if you can shower the people you love with love, lift up someone’s spirits by doing a random act of kindness, pray for someone & thank someone for their support, loving heart & act of kindness.

I use this opportunity to thank my family & friends who have been so kind, so patient & so generous to me. Thank you 🙏

I also pray God to bless everyone with a great abundance in all areas of thier lives.

Stay Healthy, Happy & Blessed 💐

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