You have to become an energetic match for attracting more goodness & greatness into your life!

This is not the right question – “CAN I GET something to feel better, healthy, happier or fulfilled?” Instead, the focus should be – How can I feel better, healthy, more happier & fulfilled to become an energetic match for attracting more goodness & greatness into my life?

Please remind yourself continuously that only when you feel good, you energetically attract goodness into your life. Universe only reciprocate things. It means what you throw out there, it comes back to you more.

This is what I told someone a couple of days back. As you know Law of attraction & Manifestation has become buzzword & trending these days everywhere. But not everyone knows how to manifest or use law of attraction to attract what you desire & deserve.

Let me try it once again – you have to understand that at some level, everything that happens in your life is because you’ve asked for it. So if you are beating yourself up for some of your bad experiences or events then this is the time to review your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, commitments & your activities.

Nothing else, but your unclear intentions (a list of thousand things & desires), unfocused activities & interactions, low-level thoughts, energy & feelings of disbelief that are actually blocking you from receiving what you desire & deserve.

Darling listen – If you truly want to use your energetic power to manifest more goodness & greatness in your life or in your world, then you have to clean & clear all that is blocking you from positive manifestations.

Once you become deliberate (clear) about what you want in this moment, start having a vibrant mental picture of what you desire, start feeling good, stop vibrating energy of fear or disbelief & start doing what needs to be done (playing your role to the best of your ability & wisdom), Universe will make your desires to come into form. I gurantee!

I repeat – feeling good, happy, healthy & fulfilled from inside & doing what inspires you is the first & foremost thing to start attracting what you really want & deserve. Everything else is icing on the already delicious cake!

Stay Calm, Relax & Trust that the Universe Has Your Back! Tons of good wishes & blessings 💐

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