Responsibility means accepting that you are the cause & the only solution of the matter.

Responsibility means standing beyond your words, keeping your promises, carrying your weight happily, doing the things you are supposed to do & accepting the results of your decisions, actions or reactions calmly.

Responsibility also means accepting that you are the cause & the only solution of the matter.

Darling listen – you are responsible for your own well-being & well-doing… Take responsibility for yourself; it’s really rewarding 🥂

Failing to accept your responsibility might work to your advantage on occasions, but in longer run it will definitely cause you some kind of pain or loss.

I am writing this to encourage you to start taking responsibility for your commitments, thoughts, behavior, deeds & step into who you are meant to be – a greater & bigger self. Stop playing small.

I pray God to help you to become a responsible person & wish you a happy, healthy & successful life 💐

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