Things fall in place, things fall apart, but life goes on..

There is no reason to remain down in the dumps, worried or upset because some kind of shit happened to you.

Darling listen – it’s never the end of the world when things go wrong. Accidents happen. Things fall in place, things fall apart, but life goes on.

Let me remind you once again that your life is one time offer. You have to use it well.

The best & wise people also overextend themselves, commit mistakes & do things that they shouldn’t do, time & again. Believe me, shit happens every day with everyone… But they just keep faith in themselves, keep going & stay strong. That’s what you also need to do.

The most important piece of advice today – if you keep your mind focused on the bad things happened to you or mistakes that you committed, chances are that you will see nothing but ill luck, misfortunes & more disappointments in the future too. I am saying all this because we know it very well that we all are magnets that pull in, walk into & attract events, people & circumstances that match the energy we are generating.

We can remain a grumpy magnet or become a happy magnet, we can remain a woe magnet or become a wow magnet.. It’s always our choice what state of mind & being we exist in today, irrespective of our circumstances, situations or what happened to us yesterday.

Believe in yourself a little extra right now & trust that so much is working for you even when you can’t see it. There will be grand celebrations soon. Stay Happy, Positive & Being Your Best Self 💐

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