What you project is what you move towards.

Today I wish to ask you – What is that you are reflecting, throwing or projecting into Universe these days consciously or unconsciously?

Okay, don’t tell me. But isn’t it a great question to ask yourself, most especially when things don’t seem to be going your way. Do you even know – how your thoughts, repetitive internal dialogues, emotions – fears, complaints, anxiety or anger are affecting your life & world?

Darling listen – please check if your rudder is going in the wrong direction? Always remember – what you project is what you’re moving towards. Actually, you’re not being limited by your circumstances; you’re being limited by your thoughts, projections, reflections & reactions. Stop emitting negativity!

Don’t be a mere reflection of your miserliness, resentments, anguish or hopelessness. Reflect your light, your beauty, your strength, intelligence & blessedness. I repeat – Instead of reflecting who you are not, your lacks & what you don’t want more & more, please begin to reflect who you are, what you have & what you want constantly. Begin to showcase your true self, your hidden treasures & natural gifts. Begin to project positive energy, positive emotions, happier feelings, a sense of peace & calm from this moment itself.

I wish to remind you that your thoughts & projections have a contagion effect on everyone around, where you can either make others feel great along with you or pull them down, resulting in poorer moods.

Clearly, the former is probably your preferred option & is obviously good for maintaining a higher quality of life. Therefore, I recommend you to start finding more time to be positive about your life & your world, controlling your mood, reactions & projections, exhibiting your extraordinariness & giving the best of what you can in order to achieve success, fulfilment, happiness & your higher goals.

I want to leave you with these Saturday thoughts so that you could sit back & reflect on how thinking of only good things & projecting positive emotions can make you feel good & bring you all that you deserve. After all, like they say & you know – your happiness, your relations & your future is in your hands, thoughts & words.

Have a wonderful weekend. Let this day bring you lots of love & cheer. Stay Blessed 💐

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