Stop inviting hardship in your life with your deceitful desires & intentional wrongdoings….

I wish you to know that you deserve every good thing & believe me, Universe is ready to give you every good thing. Your job is to summon it into your life by vibrating higher & by aligning your thinking, feelings & daily activities with your desired purposes & higher goals.

Darling listen – always remember that it is you who invite suffering, tribulations & hardship in your life with your intentional wrongdoings, deceitful desires, acting out, negative dominant thoughts, projection of your lower side or because you think that you are always right & holier-than-thou.

Darling listen – Just imagine where you would be in one years time, if every day you become a little better than your previous day’s version & do at least one thing that gets you closer to your higher or real goals.

Keep feeling good, keep getting better, keep doing your best in order to prosper in every way.

I pray & wish that you remain crispy, fresh & in good health – physically, emotionally & spiritually, throughout your journey. Blessings 💐

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