Can you hold yourself back until the wiser & more loving part of yourself can pick the right words, text, action or reaction?

I just wish to remind you that you have tremendous amount of ability to inflate people’s spirit or deflate them … you need to decide & choose every word & action very consciously.

Darling listen – it’s okay if you can not think of a way to do something or to make a constructive comment which is really uplifting & encouraging now, but you can atleast choose to hold yourself back until the wiser & more loving part of yourself can pick the right words, text, action or reaction.

One more thing I wish to remind you: KARMA, which translates to: what you give out, you get back in the same form. It is a universal law that you reap what you sow.

That’s why I want you to pay more attention to what you are projecting in terms of your thoughts, words, feelings & actions..

I know for sure you think that this is bullshit or it doesn’t work & most of those who are living an inspired life, they have accomplished it by chance or luck. No it’s not true. They have worked hard & paid attention to this Law of Karma.

Whatever I have said is not new for you…🤔 all I am saying is, you haven’t tried it before & you haven’t paid attention to this.

I also know that nothing will change your mind until you start practicing it & start getting better results. Try it sincerely (for a couple of weeks) to see if what you give out comes back to you in a better way than you could ever have imagined. It it happens the way I said, then commit to this way of life for forever 🙏

I wish & pray that you become more aware of what you are doing & saying, something with in you rise & get activated now & start propelling you forward in all ways. Stay Being Your Awesome Self 💐

Blessings. Blessings. Tons of Blessings!

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