Let you know nothing but happiness from this day forward…

As we are approaching the halfway point of the calendar year, we must reflect on what has already passed & what’s to come. It’s time to follow & set new intentions. My intentions will be represented by one word for the rest half of the year: ABUNDANCE.

To me Abundance will mean – being more than enough in everything, trusting more, believing more & to be open to receiving more. To me it will also mean – recognising that a scarcity mentality & emotions such as frustration, fear, anger & resentment doesn’t benefit me, but feeling whole, valued, loved & encouraging, inspiring & motivating people does benefit me.

Darling listen – whatever may have happened, I am still going to trust people & continue to be a good person with a good heart. I will always be a reflection of everything that I want to attract & receive.

I hope the last 6 months of this year are filled with positivity, peace, love, laughter, success & prayers unfolding for all of us. I pray God to accelerate your achievements. Let you know nothing but happiness from this day forward… Tons of Good Wishes & Blessings 💐

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