Let things miraculously work out for you in this New Week!

Let all that fills your life with happiness start growing & all that is unpleasant, negative & detrimental to your interest swiftly disappear for forever. Let all the answers & solutions you have been looking for, reveal themselves to you in this week.

Let every rising sun illuminate dark corners of your life, of your consciousness & bring you renewed life, renewed clarity, inspiration & power to create anything you want for yourself, your life & your world.

Darling listen – I want you to remain with pure intentions & straight up energy, the one with no sneaky shit or hidden agendas, throughout your life. I also want you to become & remain fierce like a firestorm, glorious like the sunrise, inevitable like tomorrow & unceasing like the tides.. throughout the week & your life.

I wish & pray God to make things miraculously work out for you hereafter. Tons of Blessings for a great start into this new week.

Stay Healthy, Blissful & Successful 💐

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