Law of karma binds one & all!

I wish you to know that doing what you said or hoped you would do without any complains or excuses, not doing unethical acts, not causing pain to others, thinking only good thoughts & doing maximum good deeds will make you 10 times more blessed & increase your chances to achieve your higher goals.

Darling listen – the law of cause & effect exists in this world. Law of karma binds one & all. Every being is born to experience the effects of oneโ€™s thoughts, words & deeds, good & bad. None of us can escape from facing the consequences of our karma.

Let you restrict yourself from thinking & doing everything you know you should refrain from. Let your good deeds, positive thoughts & encouraging words make your home & world a happy & sacred place.

I pray God to gift you a good reason to smile & celebrate today. Let all your prayers & wishes come true. Stay Blessed ๐Ÿ’

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