You can change your living mode & direction any time you want…

Today, I wish you to know that you can really live any way you want, Proactively or Reactively.

I am sure you know this. But just to remind you, proactive mode means that you are in control of your life. You are using your most of the time, energy in doing the things you want. It also means that you are living intentionally, purposefully & meaningfully.

Reactive Mode is when life happens to you. It’s when the conditions & world around you dictate to you how you need to live & what you spend your time on.

Darling listen – you can change your living mode & direction any time you want. Any time, you can begin to systematically move step by step into the best version of living you want. People do it all the time.

I want you to stop living a reactive life & start living a proactive life. Proactive life is just about making small & conscious daily decisions about what enhances your life & what pulls you off course. It is doing more of those things that will bring you growth, peace in your heart, joy & smile on your face.

Let me remind you that yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. There are no extra strokes allowed after the poor shots, no do overs or rewinds. You can only DO something more good, something more intentional & live proactively today. Let you spend your time doing things that bring you what you want from life.

I pray God to fill your life with love, laughter, happiness & success. Let each new day bring you moments to cherish. Tons of Good wishes & blessings 💐

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