Consult your karma first when thinking of doing something not so good intentionally.

I don’t wish bad things or bad luck or misfortune to those who misused me or treated me unfairly or didn’t fulfil their commitments, bcoz I know for sure, karma will slap them accordingly. It’s law of nature..

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone puts you on the warpath & make your blood boil. Believe me, it is really amazing to wait & watch from the front seat when karma hits them hard.

Remember – Karma is a cycle of cause & effect, means each action a person takes in life will affect them at some point in the future. This rule also applies to a person’s thoughts & words. Despite popular belief, my opinion is, karma isn’t some divine system of rewards & punishments. Instead, it revolves around our actions—good karma stems from positive, noble feelings & actions, while negative karma is rooted in bad motives & actions.

The intention behind the act has a far greater ‘cause set in motion’ or karmic force than the physical act itself.

Darling listen – the next time a friend, stranger or someone says or does something mean or do bad to you, don’t get mad & don’t try to get even. Instead, do better, much better, rise above & let karma take its course.

As a piece of advice – consult your karma first when thinking of doing something not so good intentionally. I want you to always act with principle. This is the simplest & most underrated way to compensate all karmic debts & to generate positive karma. Do good, even when you’re not expected to. When in doubt, act in ways you would want others to act towards you.

Let you keep performing actions that nourish your spirit & invoke well-being on every level.

I pray God to help you in identifying the sources of your unsettled karma & take action to resolve it, promptly. It will surely make you experience the miracles of liberation to fulfill the greater purpose of your life.

Stay Being a Blessing Always 🙏

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