Let things become more clear for you…

I hope that soon you will be disentangled from the snares of all those fear-based blocks.

I wish you to know that God has designed you with special powers, with courage, with fortitude & with extraordinary stamina. Sweetheart, you reflects His work of art.

The problem or sickness may look too big right now. But please know that the trouble is not going to defeat you; on the contrary, it’s going to promote you. Sweetheart, you are stronger than you think. You can endure more than you think.

Darling listen – trust your blessedness, your convictions, your power & your resourcefulness. Start believing again, get your fire back, get your passion back & start doing what you know should be done & playing your part.

Let you begin to use your ability & full capacity once again to craft your masterpiece that will leave a helpful & inspiring legacy.

Let things become more clear for you… Let you prosper in all that you do. Let everything you do always works out for you & your world. Let you attract miracles, unconditional love, abundance, clarity, incredible experiences & more sacred connections. Let you thrive in every way. Blessings 💐

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