Always Be the Bigger Person!

I sincerely wish & hope that you never have to act out of temptation or frustration & never ever have to speak out of anger. I wish you to become a bigger person with greater capacity for love, calmness & understanding. Today, I want you to rise above pettiness, ignorance, insecurities, bitterness & vindictiveness.

Let me clear that being the bigger person does not mean letting someone bully you or walk all over you. Being the bigger person, for me, means always doing the right thing, even if someone else is being childish or mean. Being the bigger person means keeping your eyes on your higher goals & not getting distracted by the other person’s pettiness & bad behavior.

For me being a bigger person means – instead of striking back out of temptation, choosing to leave thing in the hands of God, who never failed to judge fairly. Being the bigger person is knowing when to stop & choosing to walk away. Let your silence fight some of your unworthy battles. Let karma & mysterious workings of the universe take care of it.

Darling listen – in my opinion it also means thinking less about your own narrow concerns & more about other’s. It means trying & engaging in activities & conversations that makes your world a bit more brighter, better, happy & peaceful.

Let you gradually reorder your habits & attitudes to act, react, think, speak & behave like a big person, real Big Person.

I pray God to magnify your tiniest effort & open doors of blessings for you & favour you in all the possible ways. Be of Good Cheer 💐

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