Be a God’s greatest gift for your world.

Today, I wish you to know that it is a miracle to find someone who knows your worth & remind you of it often. Someone who will make you their choice every single day. Someone who never gets tired of listening your bakwas. Someone who will be with you unconditionally & never give up on you.

It is really amazing to find someone who sees everything that you are & can be. The one who sees your real & full potential. The one who sees endless possibilities in you. The one who won’t let you to be anything less, no matter what.

It is incredible to find someone who can make you to see yourself – as someone who matters, as someone who is more than good enough & as someone who can make a difference in this world.

Darling listen – I also want you to be that God’s greatest gift for someone.

Let you begin to encourage & inspire others, speak kind words, do good deeds, bless & pray for others.

I Pray God to help you attract more such amazing people in your life & also show you how you can become a blessing to people around you.

Tons of good wishes & blessings 💐

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