Blessing of abundance comes to you in many ways….

Today I Pray God to hear your prayers, worries, affirmations & reward you suitably for your consistent efforts, good deeds, kind words & positive thoughts. Let you receive everything bigger & better than you can currently imagine.

Darling listen – It is not about windfall only, it is also about recieving His support, guidance & blessings in the form of extra time, new ideas, visions, new strength, energy & better feelings.

Blessing of abundance comes to you in many ways. New & enduring friendships, enjoyable discoveries, being active outdoors, achieving some important goals, reconnecting with loved ones, learning new skills, contributing to your community, all are blessings.

Always remember that the moments of clarity, peace & joy are also His blessings. Spiritual awakening is a blessing. Ability to see & observe things in a different light & in many different aspects is a blessing.

I repeat that anything that contributes to your physical & mental well-being is a blessing. Anything that enriches you, improves you, elevates you & vitalize you is a blessing.

I pray God to make you wealthy in everything that really matters & hope that you begin to appreciate His blessings in all its forms.

Stay Happy, Healthy, Smiling, Successful & Blessed 💐

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