Stop collecting & producing wrecks & debris all the time!

I wish you to know that every day you wake up, you are a new & more experienced person. Use it to distinguish between the things that don’t matter & those that really matter.

The things that matter most in your life are largely up to each person’s own values & aspirations. However, a few things remain incredibly important wall to wall. That includes your health, the people you love, your commitments, becoming the greatest version of yourself, growing internally & living your life with a better sense of purpose.

Darling listen – instead of fighting on petty issues, small things & crumbs that don’t matter in life, focus on whole loaf, big things & getting more of the right things done.

For God’s sake, start looking at the big picture instead of collecting & producing wrecks & debris all the time!

I wish & hope that your experience & inherited wisdom guide & help you in connecting to your core, gain clarity on the purpose of your life & making incredible progress daily in the simplest & most meaningful ways. Blessings 💐

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