You aren’t a victim, you’re a warrior, a warrior God (or Goddess).

It’s a new week. I hope you don’t allow it to be invaded with thoughts of things that you did or didn’t do in last week. Perhaps, instead, I want you to look at each day, hereafter, as a new day – with a new attitude, fresh to-do list & a new opportunity to take another bite out of everything on your plate. I want you to be a warrior & not a worrier.

Let this week be the week in which you stop being a victim of your circumstances & start taking action towards the life you want. Remember that you are enough & have the power you need. You aren’t a victim, you’re a warrior, a warrior God (or Goddess).

Darling listen – being a warrior means, taking things, your affairs & every relationship (even with your adversaries) seriously, very seriously. Being a warrior means not giving up & never backing down.

Let me remind you that the only thing between you & being a warrior is your commitment. So commit. Start taking things seriously & begin to immerse yourself in them completely.

I hope this post will help you to adopt a warrior mindset. It will inspire you to be a warrior. Sweetheart, set up a new routine to unlock your beast & start focusing on your work, family, your world & what’s right in front of you.

Pick up your sword, your shield & start fighting for things that matters to you the most. But keep in mind that I am not asking you to get involved in every argument, confrontation & fight that you know are pointless & petty 😂.. I am talking about only the most, most, most important ones!

I pray God to be on your side always, guide your each step & constantly show you the path of success & greatness. I wish & hope that your chances of success increases in this week & become greater in the future! Blessings 💐

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