You are not one of the best, you are the best!

All these thoughts, posts & messages are only to give you a push to the next level, to make you feel more worthy & connected, to inspire you, to give you more comfort, joy & above all blessings. Nothing else.

The only intent behind sharing these words, lines from books & web, pieces of poetry, short passages from the religious books, experience & quotes gathered from the world is to motivate you to access your own deep-seated inherited wisdom & higher self so that you can become the best version of yourself swiftly.

Darling listen – I just want to remind you everyday that you are not one of the best, you are the best & you have a reservoir of wisdom, energy & power within you.

I want you to refine your mindset & outlook, begin to view things from a different perspective, think of making things better, doing the things that make you walk with your head high & never doing the things that make you ashamed of looking at mirrors, irrespective of your circumstances & situation.

I repeat – you can become better with every passing day by transforming your mindset, upgrading your habits, thinking positive, becoming more hopeful & by remaining consistent with your learning, growing & evolution. I know it isn’t easy for you, but it’s necessary for achieving a life of your dreams.

Stay Happier, Healthier & Blessed 💐

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