Whatever you cannot get with a smile, you can’t get it with a frown….

I know, telling same thing again & again is so humiliating. But when you see someone laughing, smiling & having fun, don’t you want a piece of that? Being amusing, witty, pleasant & social can improve your popularity & make you appear more attractive to world & Universe. Don’t you know the benefits of looking good & attractive 🤩?

Darling listen – everyone wants to be where the fun is & if you are at it’s centre then obviously it will benefit you more than anyone. Being able to make people smile gives the impression that you are social, cool to be around, lovable, contented & successful. Try it today spontaneously!

Don’t be dry as dust, lustreless, boring or desperate always & for God’s sake don’t always look sullen, full of wrath or aggrieved. It will never get you what you want.

Remember – whatever you cannot get with a smile, you can’t get it with a frown. So, smile. Your smile looks beautiful on you, you should wear it daily.

I know being funny is not your number 1 goal. But believe me being witty & making people smile can make all the difference in your life.

I seriously think of the people who are going to benefit from this reminder or repetition & how this simple practice of smiling will make a remarkable difference in their life.

Stay Smiling & Shinning 💐

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