Are you seeing yourself the right way? Have you discovered what’s in you?

Today I thought to remind you that you are graciously gifted & designed with wonderful potential & abilities to be good or even best at your things. There is something extraordinary you can offer to your world. Believe me!

You are not empty! There is an ocean of greatness, potentials & gifts lying dormant in you which needs to be tapped, discovered & unleashed.

With my experience & collected wisdom, I can tell you that you are using only a very small portion of your brain & functioning at a small fraction of your capacity, time & energy. That’s the main issue.

Darling listen – take that bold step in remaining days of this year: begin to trace your niche, start discovering your greatness & begin to share your God-given potentials & talents with your world.

Your world is desperately waiting to celebrate your uniqueness, greatness, special spark within you, that thing which make you fundamentally unique from the rest of the world. Don’t keep it caged! Unleash it!!

Sweetheart, I want you to start using your unique talents & abilities in important ways, even if these are just to entertain & brighten the spirits of those who would love to see you in action 🤣.

I also know it very well that you are a beautiful person with genuine intentions & good heart from the beginning. It is time to become healthier, fitter, faster & stronger. It is time to become desirous of becoming great or doing something great.

Today, I pray God to awake the sleeping giant within you & help you to believe it, see it & work for it. Let you begin to believe with certainty that you are destined for greater things & has the power to make a positive difference in your world.

Stay Aligned & Connected to your best self to achieve what you want & what you’re here to give!

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