Convert your mess into a message, If you wish to Create a Positive Impact Every Day!

I am sure like me, you also must have had the opportunities to observe that you feel bad in the presence of some people, due to the way of speaking or their body language or negative energy or poor vibrations, while there are those who make you feel a lot better by just being around, not doing anything big, just in an inexplicable way.

I repeat – there are people, places & situations that emit negative vibes making you feel exhausted both mentally & physically. Then there are people, surroundings & environment that emit a sense of peace, calm & other positive feelings that inspire, uplift & energize you & everyone whom they come in contact with.

Darling listen – I am not going to talk much about habitual energy vampires & narcissists. Just a piece of advice – avoid them as much as possible.

But I wish to talk about those sweethearts with loving heart who are constantly trying to shape their world in powerful ways with their thoughts, words & deeds. I am talking about those who everyday convert their mess into a message & use what they’ve learned (often the hard way) as a means of being inspiration for others. I am talking about those who are committed to make you feel more refreshed, motivated & try to build up positive thoughts & feelings in you everyday.

This post is created by the desire of those wanting to influence & impact the world for the better & wish to produce a positive effect on everyone who encounters with them, who wish to be known as giver of love, an emitter of good energy & a giver of strength. My advice to you & all those is :-

  • Become more careful & judicious with your words, actions & behaviors, irrespective of your situation.
  • Have an overflow of positive energy that enriches the lives of everyone you connect with. Walk away from unethical, demeaning or destructive approaches or opportunities that can go against the very meaning & purpose you’re committed to.
  • Start doing things with heart & care deeply about your communication, body language & style.
  • View your journey as the goal, because there is no end – it’s all in the journey. No need to take any short cut or go for the quick buck or easy answer. It’s all about your learning, experiencing, building & elevating yourself & others simultaneously.
  • Don’t try to keep your knowledge or experience as a secret & close to the vest. Share & spread what you know & what you have learned.
  • Begin to understand your special role & accept it with grace, compassion & care.
  • Avoid flaunting & misusing the influence you have on your world.
  • Begin to invest time & energy not in what is, but what can be.
  • Begin to understand the power of relationships, connection & engaging with the world openly. Engage with people in open & mutually-beneficial ways (not in win-loose).

Stay Focused, Committed, Lit Up From The Inside & Positive In Your Own Heart & Mind. Blessings 💐

I am sure you are already making a positive impact in the world in your own way with your kind of thoughts, words & deeds. Please let me know if these listed behaviors matches to your own? How are they different? Will love if you add some of your observations & unique positive behaviours here..

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