Everyone alive is living life, but not everyone feels fulfilled, happy & healthy.

Today once again I wish to remind you that everyone alive is living life, but not everyone feels fulfilled, happy & healthy.

In my opinion it is because they are simply running through endless cycles of doing something through out the day-eat-sleep-repeat which doesn’t make their life meaningful, significant & beautiful… It just keeps them busy 🤭.

Darling listen – your life can become beautiful & meaningful only when it is significant, creates an impact & makes a difference – to you & others everyday. A meaningful life also includes a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself & involves doing things to get closer to God.

The most powerful things you can do to make your life more meaningful & beautiful is pursue & do more of hose things that you find gratifying, that hold significance for you, can help improve your life & your connection to God. Begin to care & create everlasting bonds with those who care for you & have your back by conveying them that you love, respect & appreciate them. Shift focus from your selfish wants & desires to adding value to them (your world) in some or the other way, everyday.

A big part of how meaningful, happy & healthy you are also depends on your mindset, the small habits you practice & the way you live each day.

I wish & Pray God to help you in becoming the best version of yourself, more healthy, happy & meaningful. Blessings 💐

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