Become more capable of being peaceful, amusing & blissful amidst all the chaos of a hectic life.

I don’t know about you, but most people often look for circumstances, situations & a way to achieve a sense of inner peace & bliss 😉.

Darling listen – the nonsense, chaos & the noise will always be there. No one has control over these. But despite of those unwarranted things & circumstances you can stay in peace & maintain your bliss by controling your response to things & how you view things.

Always remember that inner peace & bliss is priceless.

I repeat – when you can’t control what’s happening, help yourself to control how you respond to what’s happening & make the most of it. That’s where your greatest power is.

Sweetheart, today I want you to decide that no matter what happens, you will keep your heart always filled with peace, love, hope & joy. I want you to remind yourself the truth that you’re safe, loved & so blessed. I want you to bring a sense of play, delight, awe & enthusiasm to your daily life & everything you choose to do. I want you to keep thinking about the people you care about & the people who care about you.

I wish you to do more of those things & think more of those thoughts that fill your heart & keep it warm. I pray God to help you in becoming more capable of being peaceful, amusing, tasteful & blissful amidst all the chaos of a hectic life.

Tons of Good wishes & blessings 🥂

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