Living your best life is dependent upon your behaviours & deeds that don’t conflict with the image of God inside of you.

Today, I thought to share with you what hasn’t been commonly taught to us – that living our best life is dependent upon our behaviours & deeds that don’t conflict with the image of God inside of us.

Darling listen – since beginning, you were to emulate God in your words, attitude, action & responses. You know all the attributes of God. Isn’t it?

You very well know that choosing uprightness will only unlock the doors to your higher self & will help you to achieve what you want. But, even after knowing all this, you do most of the things that are completely opposite of it 🤭.

Though it is like dancing with a dinosaur or devil, embracing integrity & goodness is the only key to achieve everything you truly deserve & desire. All the higher goals are only accessible on the narrow road of righteousness.

Sweetheart, only when you stop chasing temporary pleasures & start prioritizing your long-term peace, prosperity & higher goals, you will experience the joy-filled & real abundant life.

Pursuing temporary pleasures, calmness & fake success will cause you great harm in long term, even if it feels good at the time. Believe me!

Sweetheart, achieving your higher goals, long term peace, prosperity, good health & everything you deserve is a weekly, a monthly, a yearly process… In fact it is a daily process, doing the right things that you must, keeping your words & promises, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old habits, routines & attitudes, quietly building new narratives, perceptions & beliefs.

Hopefully, this post of mine will inspire you to persistently do the right things & getting better at it with each passing day & emulating & demonstrating attributes (qualities) of God in your daily life.

Today, I wish to ask you to see down the line, live more consciously & do things your future self will thank you for.

Long Term Peace, Happiness & Prosperity are my wishes for you today. Tons of blessings 💐

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